When we show our hand to the sensor mounted on the wall, the PAKOLET Hygiene Roll turns around the toilet seat from one side to the other and becomes clean.

The knife on the left side of the PAKOLET Hygienic Toilet Seat Cover cuts the PAKOLET Hygiene Roll used and prevents re-use.

PACKAGE Hygiene Roll rotates to take one turn thanks to the Metering counter and wrapped in a clean bag Closet Wheel. When you press the button again, thanks to the smart chip inside the machine, it will not work before 40 seconds, thereby preventing unnecessary consumption.

PAKOLET Hygiene Roll is 100 uses. The raw material of the roll is high density Polyethylene (HDPE).

PAKOLET Hygienic Toilet Seat Cover is guaranteed for a lifetime if you use the original PAKOLET Hygiene Roll for trouble-free operation.

PAKOLET Hygienic Toilet Seat Cover 99% is suitable for all toilet seat covers. PAKOLET Hygienic Toilet Seat Cover dimensions are standard.

Replacing the PAKOLETHygiene Roll is as easy as pulling toilet paper. You can review our video from the link below.


The blade becomes blunt at minimum 3000 usage of the roll. You can call our technical service for blade replacement and request a malfunction.

Since there is no high voltage connection, it is extremely safe in wet place.

PAKOLET Hygiene Roll may not rotate properly around the wheel. Therefore, remove the roll from the bagel and wipe it, dry it and put the roll back into the bagel.

Very unlikely, but remove the top cover and wipe the inside of the body thoroughly.

Plastic parts cleaner products can be cleaned with products containing low density chemicals.

No, it should never be washed with water, but its surface is made of a wipeable material.

You can find the necessary information by following the instructions in the user manual. If you cannot correct the malfunction, your maintenance personnel can contact the PAKOLET service representative.

PAKOLET CALL CENTER 0850 360 1440,  0322 740 0040,  0549 499 1525.